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Bearing Family Calamity: the Chang Family of Putsu under the White Terror
Publication Date / 2020-07-09 Author / Hsueh-chi Hsu and Li-chu Yang (eds.) Category / Oral History
Bearing Family Calamity: the Chang Family of Putsu under the White Terror
Publisher / Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica; National Human Rights Museum
Edition / First edition
ISBN / 978-986-5432-39-3
Price/ NTD 400
Pages / 327

This book was originally derived from the “2017 Project of Oral History Interviews with Families of Political Victims during the White Terror Era,” carried out by Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica, under the commission of the Preparatory Office of National Human Rights Museum. In 2020, the Museum commissioned the ITH for another project called “Editing and Publication of Oral History Materials Collected at National Human Rights Museum,” in which 5 out of 16 interview records from the outcome of the 2017 project, with 220 thousand Chinese characters in total, were selected and edited into this book. 
Centering on the “White Terror,” this book contains in-depth interviews with the Chi-te Chang’s (張其德) family of Putsu, Chiya. Several members of this family were persecuted and affected by political cases. Through these interviews, one can clarify more comprehensively the cases involved the Chang family, and each individual member’s role and responsibility, as well as their struggle to overcome difficulties and achieving an exciting life. 
Most interviewees were interviewed for the first time. They showed intense family affection for each other, and provided valuable photographs and prison correspondence, which greatly enriched the interviews and will contribute to researches regarding Taiwanese women’s history and cross-border movements of Taiwanese people. We hope the painstaking and revealing history told by the bereaved families will not only be testimonies of the White Terror, but also contribute to Taiwan’s transformative justice nowadays.