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Taiwan Sports History: Japanese Colonial Period, Vol.1-2
Publication Date / 2020-12-30 Author / Mei-Chun Lin ed. Category / Translation
Taiwan Sports History: Japanese Colonial Period, Vol.1-2
Publisher / Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica; Sports Administration, Ministry of Education
Edition / First edition 
Price /800


This is a reprint of the Taiwan Sports History, written in Japanese by Takemura Toyotoshi and published by Taiwan Taiiku Kyoukai (Taiwan Athletic Association) in 1933. Although it comprises mainly scores of various types of athletic games, it can still be considered as an important book for understanding the development of sports in Japanese Colonial Taiwan, since it is the first book about the history of sports in Taiwan and it provides abundant description of the Taiwan Taiiku Kyoukai and the development of various ball games of the period.