《Taiwan Historical Research》:
Volume 24, Number 2 , Jun., 2017


Yin-yi Cheng:
Being Enlightened by Empire? Naturalization of Shengfan and Establishment of Fan Classification System under Emperors Kangxi and Yongzheng
Page 1-32 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Tung Shen:
On Controversy of Shen Baozhen Portrait: In Search of the True Face of an Ancestor
Page 33-81 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Chun-tse Hsieh:
Nationality Choices and Commercial Disputes between Taiwanese and Fujianese Merchants in Early 20th Century: The Case of Lin Mou-chang
Page 83-114 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Man-hua Chen:
Impact of the West: Taiwanese Modern Art and American Cultural Exchange in 1950-1960s
Page 115-178 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]

Research discussion

Shih-yuan Hsieh, Mei-wun Wang, Yi-hung Chen, and Wei-ying Liu:
Taiwan Historical Research in 2014-2015: Retrospect and Prospect
Page 179-233 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]


Cheng-yu Tu:
Discussion on Taiwan-related Archives of the United States, Australia, and the United Nations
Page 235-264 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]