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The Literary Works of Chhoa Chhiu-tong
Publication Date / 2022-11-30 Author / Chen, Shu-Jung (Edited) and Hsueh-chi Hsu (Verifier) Category / Historical Source Material Series
The Literary Works of Chhoa Chhiu-tong
Publisher / Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica; National Museum of Taiwan Literature; Yunlin County Government
Edition / First edition 
Price / NTD 300 (hardback)

This collection of literary works contains poems, essays, short stories, etc. of Chhoa Chhiu-tong (1900-1984), a Taiwanese writer and politician from Yuanchang village, Yuanlin county. Born into a landowning family, Mr. Chhoa was, among other posts, a local district supervisor known as baozheng 保正 during Japanese colonial period and the first township mayor of Yuanchang village and a member of the first Tainan county council after WWII. He was also an important novelist during Japanese colonial period. He depicted various social classes and local politics of the rural society in his work and had secretly supported Taiwan Farmers’ Union and Taiwan Red Aid. Besides his participation in the New Literature Movement, he was also an essential figure in two local classical Chinese poetry clubs. He stepped out of political scene in the 1950s after being jailed due to a treason case.