《Taiwan Historical Research》:
Volume 14, Number 1 , Mar., 2007


Wen-kai Lin:
Inside and Outside the Local Judicial Space in Qing: An Analysis of Rent Resistance Cases in the Han-Reclamation District of Northern Taiwan
Page 1-70 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Yi-hung Lin and Huey-jiun Wang:
From Barrier Defense Lines to Stationary Offices: The Evolution of Managing the Aborigines in the Mt. Li-tung area during the Japanese Colonial Rule
Page 71-137 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Shu-jen Yeh:
The Decision of the Duration of Land Tenure Contracts during the Japanese Colonial Period
Page 139-190 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Fupian Chen:
The Development of Public Opinion during "The Formosa Arrest": With an Analysis of the Main-stream Print Media
Page 191-230 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]