Enrollment FAQ

Enrollment FAQ:

  • The academic activities include Tuesday Lectures, Conferences and Research Group Events.
  • Due to the limitation of seats and attendees, the preparatory team normally gives priority to the relevant researchers for the enrollment. We would not accept the enrollment on site.
  • The conference proceeding printings are limited, therefore, we will provide the proceedings neither for attendees who are absent nor for substitutes.
  • For environment protection and government policy, we do not provide paper cups during the academic activities, please prepare them on your own.
  • The conference proceedings would be preserved in Joint Library of Humanities and Social Sciences Academia Sinica and National Central Library. It is more than welcome to obtain the proceedings at the Institutes. .
  • Should you have any problem about academic activities, please contact Mei-Hsuei Wang at Email address of twconf(at)gate.sinica.edu.tw or at telephone number of 886-2-2652-5374