Publish Measures

Purchasing Discounts
  • The pricing listed is including shipping freight via post registered mail.
    If the weight of the order items are to meet the standard of package, then the items will be sent via registered package.
  • Only purchasers who place order in person on site are able to get 30% off the listed price.
  • Booksellers can get 40% off the listed price under the principle of Outright Sale.
    *It was according to the decision of 14th Library File Management Committee in Feb 06, 1998,
    and the decision has been implemented sinice it was adopt by the meeting of Preparatory office in Feb 20, 1998.
To reward domestic scholars who visit the Insititute for short term research purpose
  • Base on academic exchange purpose, Institute of Taiwan History will provide the gratis publication and welcome any feedback.
  • The qualification to receive the gratis publication is:
    1. Related organizations, such as academic institute and cooperative library.
    2. Related individual researcher.
  • The principle of publications is to purchase:
    1. For research purpose, researchers of Academia Sinica could fulfill the   request form and deliver to Editorial office of Institue of Taiwan History, then we will send the publication gratis.
    2. Non-Academia Sinica researchers(including doctorial student) need a recommendation letter from the faculty of Insitute of Taiwan History. After approval by the Institute, the publication will be sent gratis.
    3. The maximum of each application is 10 copies. The application can only for one time per publication. Due to printing limitation, we will not send total package of publication gratuitously, unless for preservation purpose and special research request.
  • The decision has been implemented sinice it was adopt by the meeting of Institute of Taiwan History in Jul 11, 2006.