Current Issue

《Taiwan Historical Research》:
Volume 29, Number 1 , Mar., 2022


Yu-ju Lin:
“Home Was There, Shop Was Here”:The Decisions of Xu Zangchun, a Jiao Merchant of Tainan during the Qing-Japan Regime Transition
Page 1-44 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Yu-lan Lee:
Enlightenment Activities of Taiwanese Cultural Association Film Team and Mei-Tai Group
Page 45-88 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
I-min Chang:
War and Finance: Operation of Taiwan Commercial and Industrial Bank (1937-1945)
Page 89-158 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Heng-chan Ku:
The Flow of Memory: Historical Reading of Wushe Incident Monument
Page 159-207 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]

Research discussion

Hao-bin Jhuang:
Retrospect of Economic History Research in Taiwan (2018-2019)
Page 209-247 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]

Book Review

Hsiu-ya Hung:
Book Review of The Cultural History of “Taiwanese Cuisine”: The Embodiment of Nation in Food Consumption by Ju-jen Chen
Page 249-259 [ Full Text PDF ]