Brief History

In order to promote advanced study of Taiwan history, Academia Sinica launched the Project for Taiwan History Field Research in 1986 and set up the Taiwan History Field Research Office in 1988 under the leadership of Prof. Kwang-chih Chang. In June 1993, the Preparatory Office for the Institute of Taiwan History was established with Prof. Huang Fu-san as the chairman of Advisory Committee. Prof. Liu Ts’ui-jung became the chairperson in August 1998. On July 1, 2004, the Institute of Taiwan History(ITH) was formally inaugurated with Prof. Chuang Ying-chang as its director. Prof. Hsu Hsueh-chi was appointed as the director in September 2005.

As the leading research institution of Taiwan history, ITH aims to reconstruct the reality of Taiwan’s historical development from macro and micro perspectives. It endeavors to explore the characteristics of Taiwanese society through comparison with relevant regions in East Asia and the world. With its promotion of integrated approach to Taiwan studies, ITH hopes to make genuine contribution to the theoretical innovation in humanities and social sciences.


In accordance with the regulations of Academia Sinica, the President appoints the ITH director and members of the advisory committee. In addition, the institute establishes various committees to take charge of administration, academic affairs and research projects.These committees review issues in staff recruitment, renewal of employment contracts, promotions, auditing, academic development, publications and information. Each committee has its own function and reports to the director and general meeting of the institute as required.

Directors of the Preparatory Office for the Institute of Taiwan History

Fu-san Huang 1993/07/10~1998/07/31
Ts’ui-jung Liu 1998/08/01~2003/11/27
Ying-chang Chuang 2003/11/28~2004/06/30

Directors of the Institute of Taiwan History

Ying-chang Chuang 2004/07/01~2005/08/31
Hsueh-chi Hsu 2005/09/01~2011/08/31
Kuo-hsing Hsieh 2011/09/01~2017/08/31
Hsueh-chi Hsu 2017/09/01~2023/08/31
Shu-min Chung 2023/09/01~Present