Manuscript Submission

 Guidelines for Submission of Manuscripts

1. The Taiwan Historical Research (THR) is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December of each year. It publishes articles (in both Chinese and English), academic activities and announcements, documents and source materials, and book reviews on historical subjects of Taiwan.

2.  Preparation of manuscript for submission should consult the style sheet of the THR as a guide to format.

3. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format to the journal’s email at

4. The contributor should submit the revised manuscript within 2 weeks as of the date the notification email is sent. Failure to submit within 4 weeks will result in rejection.

5. Upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication, the Author must sign the copyright license agreement to grant the THR an irrevocable non-exclusive license to publish the manuscript electronically or use it for non-commercial purposes unlimited by region, time, and means. The user license also permits a third party to carry out digitization, remake and other value-added processes before storage in the database, and to provide electronic retrieval, browsing downloading, transmission and printing through stand-alone computers, the internet, wireless networks, and other means of public transmission. Upon publication of the manuscript in print, the full text will also be published electronically on the THR website.

6. Contributor(s) of each published work will be entitled to 2 hard copies of the issue of the journal containing their work. The journal no longer provides offprints.

7. Published works in the THR represent neither the points of view of the Institute of Taiwan History nor those of the THR editors. The contributors are solely responsible for statements, whether of fact or of opinion.

8. No manuscript will be considered if it has been published or if it is currently under consideration for publication elsewhere; reprinting of the journal’s article requires prior notice and permission from the THR.