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Collections of White Terror: Historical Materials of Secrets Bureau, Taiwan Branch, Volume 1-4
Publication Date / 2023-12-29 Author / Hsu, Hsueh-chi and Cheng-hui LIn (eds.) Category / Historical Source Material Series
Collections of White Terror: Historical Materials of Secrets Bureau, Taiwan Branch, Volume 1-4
Publisher / Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica
Edition / First edition
Price/ NTD 500 (Vol.1-2); NTD 650 (Vol.3), NTD 800 (Vol.4)

This series is a compilation of intelligence documents from the Taiwan Branch of the Secrets Bureau under the Ministry of Defense. The documents included in this series are from the same collection which the Institute of Taiwan History at the Academia Sinica purchased and used to publish a five volume series titled Collections of 228 Incident: Historical Materials of Secrets Bureau, Taiwan Branch during June 2015 and December 2017. The original collection is divided into volume A and volume B, one relating to the 228 Incidents and the other the White Terror, and has been published in the order of priority of the interpretation work. The White Terror documents contains 101 files from 1948 to 1956 in seven volumes, totaling 1070 pages.

In this publication series, the first volume contains documents of the first two volumes in the White Terror collection. The content is mainly about reports on members and activities of various political parties of mainland China sending members to Taiwan to set up their Taiwanese branches because of the tense situation of the civil war between the Nationalist Party and the Chinese Communist Party. Since the party members’ activities in Taiwan caught the Nationalist government’s attention, the government then assigned its intelligence people to infiltrate these parties to collect information and find out their Taiwanese party members, with the intention to be alert and to stabilize the political situation in Taiwan. At the end of this volume in the appendix section, there are files numbered with the prefix A_13, which are categorized into the 228 Incident files in the original collection, but is actually about student activities in National Taiwan University after the 228 Incident and therefore is included here.

Vol. 1
ISBN / 978-986-5432-34-8
Publication Date / 2020-07

Vol. 2
ISBN / 978-626-7002-52-0
Publication Date / 2021-12

Vol. 3
ISBN / 978-626-7002-88-9
Publication Date / 2023-1

Vol. 4
ISBN / 978-626-7341-43-8
Publication Date / 2023-12