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The Diary of Kuo Shu-tsu, vol 1-2 (1944-1953)
Publication Date / 2020-12-31 Author / Hsueh-chi Hsu and Li-Chiao Wang (eds.) Category / Historical Source Material Series
The Diary of Kuo Shu-tsu, vol 1-2 (1944-1953)
Publisher / Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica; National Human Rights Museum
Edition / First edition
Price / NTD 500 (hardback)

This 2-volume series contains the diary of Kuo Shu-tsu (1925-2004) from Tainan, wife of a Taiwanese white terror victim, Yeh Sheng-ji (1923-1950). She graduated from Tainan Girls’ Second Senior High School in 1943, and got hired by the Land Bank of Taiwan in 1946. After she and Yeh first met in October 1948, they married at the end of 1949. Yeh was arrested in May 1950 and executed 6 months later. In the diary, she wrote about her thoughts and sentiments on her husband’s death, hardship of raising a son, tensions with parents-in-law, etc. It’s a rare diary left behind by a female, and widow of a political victim.