《Taiwan Historical Research》:
Volume 19, Number 1 , Mar., 2012


Hung-yi Chien:
Reconstruction of Early History of Lamcam District from Dutch Colonial Period to Early Ching (Qing) Administration
Page 1-28 [ Full Text PDF ]
Shinn-cherng Lee:
Investigation on Migration and Social Culture of Qau-qau Tribe in Qing I-lan
Page 29-85 [ Full Text PDF ]
Jungwon JIN:
Seizing Opportunities in the Empire: Taiwanese Medical Students in Colonial Korea
Page 87-140 [ Full Text PDF ]
Philip Hsiaopong Liu:
Beyond Agricultural Assistance Little China’s Big African Illusion
Page 141-171 [ Full Text PDF ]

Research discussion

Matsukata Fuyuko:
The Transmission of Chinese and Dutch News Reports to Japan regarding the Fall of the Zheng Regime in Late Seventeenth Century
Page 173-192 [ Full Text PDF ]

Book Review

Yun-zhou Wang:
Review of Study on Qing Inspection of Taiwan by Quen-Hai Yin
Page 193-201 [ Full Text PDF ]
Man-hua Chen:
Gender Interfering with Art History: A Review of The Transforming Signs of Women: Images of Taiwanese Women before WWII
Page 203-208 [ Full Text PDF ]