《Taiwan Historical Research》:
Volume 5, Number 2 , Jun., 1998


Peter Kang:
Transformation of Regional Village Powers within the North and Mid-section of Hua-tung Valley in the 1640s and the 1650s
Page 1-33 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Wen-liang Li:
Engokake and the Control of Rinya: The Formation of Rinya Ownership in Taiwan During the Japanese Rule
Page 35-54 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Hui-yu Caroline Ts'ai:
A Spatial Analysis of Basic Administrative Units, Taiwan in the 1930’s﹕ The Case of “Agricultural Implementation Associations”
Page 55-100 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Adam Schneider:
The Taiwan Development Company and Indochina: Subimperialism, Development, and Colonial Status
Page 101-133 [ Abstract PDF ]  


Yu Chung, Li:
Materials Related to Taiwan Kept by Archives in Portugal and Spain
Page 135-146 [ Full Text PDF ]
Paul Li:
Formosan Language Materials by Ogawa at Nanzan University
Page 147-157 [ Full Text PDF ]