《Taiwan Historical Research》:
Volume 14, Number 4 , Dec., 2007


Hui-yu Caroline Ts'ai:
The Shaping of Colonial Administration in Taiwan under Japanese Rule: The Civil Service Examination, the Flow of Talents, and Colonial Administration in Japanese Colonial Empire
Page 1-65 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Jaeho Kang:
Local Authorities and Elementary School Education in the Colonial Days of Korea
Page 67-82 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Toshihiko Matsuda:
The "Gendarme-oriented" Police System in the Japanese Colonial Empire: The Transfer of Models of Rule Used in Colonial Korea to Kwantung Province and Manchukuo
Page 83-109 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]
Einosuke Yamanaka:
A Comparative Study of the Legal Systems of Imperial Japan: The Local Systems in Japan, Korea and Taiwan
Page 111-139 [ Abstract PDF ]   [ Full Text PDF ]