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The Diary of Momiyama Ishū in Taiwan, 1898-1904
Publication Date / 2016-11-30 Author / Shih-chia Hsu & Yoshimi Housawa (tr. and eds.) Category / Historical Source Material Series
The Diary of Momiyama Ishū in Taiwan, 1898-1904
Publisher / Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica 
Edition / First edition 
Publication Date / 2016-05
ISBN / 9789860507270
NTD 600
Pages / 625


This book contains the diary of the Japanese sinologist Momiyama Itsuya (1855-1919), literary name Ishū, when he was in Taiwan during November 1898 to April 1904. He used to be the Chief at the Chinese Department of Taiwan Daily News and often printed the Chinese poems he wrote on the newspaper. The diary covers mainly his daily life, including visitors and activities. The book includes both the Japanese transcript and Chinese translation.